Brindisi Beaches

When I was pregnant, I lived in the Province of Rome. I liked being there but, at least every two or three months, I had to come back to Brindisi: I had “sea withdrawal syndrome”.

I felt so nostalgic for it, that seeing it became a real necessity, and, if I closed my eyes, I saw Torre Guaceto, my favorite beach, 17 km from Brindisi.

Le spiagge di Brindisi

When I went there, it was often deserted: kilometers of pearly white sand, close to the Maquis shrub-land, where you could perceive the smell of thyme, myrtle, maritime pines.

The sea was crystalline, and on the sandy shore there were some logs, bleached by the sun and the salt, that we invariably took in the water with us and used them as supports to hold on to, or as diving-boards. With my eyes closed, I plunged myself into that water and caressed my belly, thinking that my daughter’s name would be Marina.

Later on, we changed idea about the name, but the color of Torre Guaceto’s water remained in Giulia’s eyes.

At present, Torre Guaceto still is the most beautiful beach in the surroundings. It became a nature reserve under the WWF’s supervision: you can’t get to the shore by car anymore, but there’s a little train that brings you to the bays. In the summertime, you can often participate in interesting events at night, including music exhibitions and installation art events, with a very suggestive atmosphere.

At present, we usually go a little further north, to Costa Merlata, because Torre Guaceto is too much crowded now, otherwise we move to the Ionian Sea beaches, that are about 40 km from here.

Insenature a Brindisi

We decide where to go depending on the wind. I feel privileged to live here in Apulia, because it’s so rich in natural wonders and beaches; besides, being long and narrow, its beautiful places are accessible all year long, just taking into consideration the wind.

If it’s tramontana (north wind) you should go to the Ionian Sea beaches: Riva degli Angeli, near Torre Lapillo, or San Pietro in Bevagna, near Manduria; these places are “the Caribbean of Apulia”. If it’s scirocco(south wind) you can remain in the Adriatic area: Torre Pozzelle, if you like the cliffs, or Apani, Torre Guaceto, etc., if you prefer the sand.

If you don’t have much time, there’s the legendary beach La Conca only 5 km from the Malvasia Bed and Breakfast. You can get there from the Casale district walking or by bike: there’s a fantastic portion of sea, so dear to the heart of the people of Brindisi, where everybody learned to swim.

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