The Malvasia Bed and Breakfast in Brindisi, Salento

The Malvasia Bed & Breakfast was created on April 10, 2010, in the heart of Brindisi city center.

On one side, there is Via Ferrante Fornari, one of the most ancient streets of Brindisi; on the other one, there is a little square, which still keeps its original paving stones.

The Malvasia B&B in Brindisi received its name because of our emotional bond with the ARCI cultural association, whose name was just “Malvasia Club”, that we ran for years on the ground-floor of the building.

The name was chosen as a sign of gratitude to our land and its fruits: it is in fact the name of a type of grapefruit and of a type of wine, obviously, very well known in Salento and in South Italy: it is a sweet wine, characterized by intense color, with red and violet gradations.

The Malvasia wine is said to be called this way because its color looks like the mallow’s color (mallow is “malva” in Italian).

So, let’s take a look at the mallow: here in Salento it grows everywhere, it is a good plant, with therapeutic properties, it cures infections and alleviates pains (the word comes from French mal va, the pain goes away).

This was the wish for our association, and this is what we aim at, even now, for this new adventure and also a typical place, with a story to tell.

The building’s structure is the traditional one of the Apulian houses built in the late 19th century: high vaulted ceilings, decorated concrete floor.

Two small balconies overlook a pedestrian alley in the heart of Brindisi’s nightlife and just turning the corner you find yourself in Piazza Vittoria, the most important square of the city, around which all the activities typical of Italian city centers take place.

A wooden staircase divides the building in two independent and completely refurbished areas: Jonathan’s Studio and The Black Sheep’s Studio.

On the stair landing that divides them, a nice carpet says: “This house is not a hotel”.

The concept behind the Malvasia B&B in Brindisi is in fact not only the offer of a pleasant and comfortable place to stay, but also of a familiar spot, where you can feel at home, entirely independent, but with our entire help and support, if needed.

Our breakfast is large and healthy, rich in local and organic food.

It is served in our breakfast lounge, a very cozy place where you can listen some music, read a book or enjoy a glass of wine… needless to say, Malvasia.

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